Know More About Me

Keeping It Soulfully Sexy (K.I.S.S) is a unique sisterhood that I created that guides women on their own personal path of spiritual discovery. The joys, peace, and freedom that I now revel in are the fruits of more than 20 years of hard work dedicated to self-discovery and healing and I want to share those experiences with the world, more specifically, those who would benefit from them.

When I say I see you; you’re seen. When I say I hear you; you’re heard. When I say I get you; I got you. When I say all these things, know that I mean them with every ounce of my being, from the very depths of my soul. I aim to heal and teach from my experiences and it’s this transparency that can help others who walk the same broken path I did to find the light at the end of the tunnel and open a bright new chapter in their life.